Monday, June 20, 2011

30 days of 30: Day 1

Well it happened, or maybe I should say 'happening' ...

Today, I turn 30, the big 3-0. I have been dreading it since I turned 25, but the day has finally arrived. I have big plans for my 30s and in a way actually looking forward to them, but also sad to say good by to my 20s. When I turned 20, I was in college, dating my first love, looking forward to 21, graduating from nursing school, and getting my first nursing job. The last 5 years have been pretty uneventful staying in the same job, living in the same house and having the same dog, and while I have had a great time at all of my friends weddings, it hasn't been my wedding, and while I have enjoyed welcoming each beautiful baby that they have had, it hasn't been my baby. I am hoping in the next 10 years I get to experience those things that so many of my friends have and much more!

In the next 30 days I hope to post everyday. A little bit of me, right now, as I turn thirty. What my life is like; my hopes, dreams and goals for this new time in my life, and reminissing and so as the first post...

Your Favorite Song

This is a hard topic as I am not much of a music person. A likes to point out just how much I don't know by asking me music trivia on long car rides and I mostly answer everything incorrectly, however, if I do get something right it is usually the 80s era. I thought I would choose something from this era, however as I was scrolling thorough my iPod, there was one song that I just couldn't look over, get out of my head and move on from. I am going to have to go with my mom on this one and say 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' as it has always been her favorite as well. I am currently loving this version right now. It immediatly takes me away to an island, and I start day dreaming, and if I really listen to the words it makes me cry. I think it is an appropriate song as I move into this new time in my life.

So Goodbye 20's, HELLO 30s!


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Sheryl said...

Your behind and I want to read what you have for these thirty days!! Miss you tons. I hope you are doing well.