Sunday, October 19, 2008

The HEAT WAVE is over!

The heat wave is over. We can barely take the dogs outside without putting on a jacket. Tonight I almost had to wear gloves. Burr...

So, this morning my roomate (A) wakes up and says that she wants to go pumpkin picking. Now, for any of those who know my roomate, knows that she despises Halloween. I on the other had LOVE halloween. I like the cute decorations, the pumpkins, the kids coming for candy, the weather, the soups, the smell of the air, and the smell of those delicious candles they make. I have 3 burning right now. Back to my roomate, so when she said this I was quite suprised, but I gladly obliged. She even carved it, and lit it tonight. So here are a couple of pics of the pumpkin.I hope it lasts untill Halloween.

Since neither A or myself have any children, we dress up our dogs. Here are pics of their previous costumes...

These were 2006, don't they look pathetic. I think they hated these costumes, maybe because it is the first time we dressed them up or they just hated the arm bracelets. The picture of Ellie (the brown dog) tells it all. Following are from 2007, they look a little happier.. We still don't know what to do for this year. Any suggestions??

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!