Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yes it was my birthday a couple of days ago! It was wonderful! The weekend was spent with good friends that just happened to be here for the weekend, Julie and Brett, but unfortunatly Brett couldn't make it so she brought Jeremy, who was equally as fun (if not more fun, but don't tell Brett that, wink wink).

We spent the mornings at brunch and Saturday night we went down town. We bought passess for the water taxi, which was a waste of time, but fun and went from dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in the Inner Harbor, to Fells Point and then the last part was spent at Bay Cafe in Canton.

Amanda and Julie at Fells Point

Waiting for the water taxi... what best way than to have a mini photo shoot?
(Trying to get one picture with everyone in is hard if you are posing and the photographer!)

After our guests left, I combined my birthday money, and off to Best Buy to get my birthday gift! I have always had a passion for photography and read many photogs. I have owned 2 SLRs in my life and have wanted a digital SLR for many years now... So what did I do with my birthday money, you ask? I bought myself this...

Now I have a lot of learning to do, but am very excited!
As with every birthday there is always going to be sadness... the day after my birthday 4 years ago I had to put my beloved Gigi down. She was the best dog EVER! I had her for 2 years and it was just her and I.
I was young when I got her and many nights she was left till the wee hours of the morning alone and by herself, but she was always happy when I got home and never held it against me. I was working 12 hr shifts and never once was there an accident in my home!
She only lived 2 short years and lost her life to Distemper. I had her vaccinated but for some reason she didn't become immune like every other dog. I don't know if I will ever feel that way about another dog. I have Ellie now, and I love her very much... just the same if not more that Gigi, but each dog has a special place in your heart and Gigi takes a big portion of mine.
RIP Gigi Girl, you are still loved and missed VERY much!

Gigi and I the weekend we got Presley (January 2006)
After my big purchase, we got ready for dinner and my roomie took me to a wonderful dinner at my FAVORITE place, the Melting Pot, and we had delicious fondue.