Tuesday, June 23, 2009

almost there...

this has been a long time coming and still not complete, however, all the counter tops are installed... for now that is. (that is another story) but don't they look great!

i know that there is still work to do on the walls. We are planning on tiling the backsplash with subway tile and changing the color of the walls to a mossy green color. I did also find some great fabric to make a valance with.

i already love the way it looks. hopefuly the tiling will go much more smoothly than the countertop install. the only thing that worries me is i am doing the backsplash tiling and someone else installed the counters. YIKES.

So far here is the collage of how the progress has gone. the first 3 photos are of the actual demolition. the next 3 photos are the issues we have had and still have with the install. fixed the chip and the seam that is there is uneven and still waiting for a resolution. the last 3 are of the completed project as of today.

can't wait for it to be completed! almost there...

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