Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is Springing!

over the last few weeks i have noticed that the trees on my one hour drive to work have an aura about them. i love this time of year right before things start to bloom. The buds with their flowers about to break through give the tree a hue of color. around here in maryland there are so many flowering trees, i think the pear tree being the most abundant. as i took the dogs for a walk this afternoon, when the the sun started coming out i couldn't resist but to come back and get my camera. on our little walk i took photos of the trees that are just starting to bloom.

i can't wait till the weather gets a bit more warm and the rain stops! Almost Summertime! maybe i should just relax and enjoy spring.

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Lis said...

Hey Bobbi! Ive had two cameras in the past year! First I started with the digital rebel xt. I LOVED IT! Around Christmas time I decieded to upgrade to the Canon 50D. Then thing is, I really wish now that instead of a new camera, id have bought a new lens. The 24-70mm from canon is the lens im lusting after. Its the same price as my 50D. If youre looking for a good camera, Id say the rebel xsi is AWESOME and I think its around 500 or 600 with a two lens package. I could seriously go on and on and on and ON about all of the things ive learned when it comes to buying so if you want me to get more specific, LET ME KNOW!!! I WILL!!! haha! ALso, you can have a nice camera but to really make the pictures its all about editing! I use Lightroom 98% of the time. Its an adobe photoshop sister program. I LOVE IT! Anyway, ill stop now! This is probably more than you care to know! AH! (i have a problem with that!) Thanks for the comment!